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ARC Actuarial Software

Actuarial Resources Corporation (ARC) offers powerful tools to assist companies in transforming their financial systems:

Financial Reporting Software


ARCVAL is the foundation ARC was built on and is a comprehensive financial analysis system meeting all of your financial reporting needs for Universal Life, Traditional Life, Annuities, Structured Settlements and Health.  ARC has over 30 years of experience with actuarial software.  We are able to deliver an expert evaluation of the current state of your actuarial process and systems.


CASE - Consolidated Actuarial Systems Environment (CASE) is the platform for the next generation of the ARCVAL system that includes a variety of architectural differences, functional enhancements, and usability enhancements.  Along with a completely new, standardized user interface, CASE simplifies and streamlines how information is managed.

Enterprise Quality, High Capacity Actuarial Data Mart


ARCBase - Specialized SQL Server database providing insurers with the tools and methodology to better manage and continuously improve the quality of insurance data.  ARCBase supports data needs for the US GAAP LDTI disclosure requirements, experience analysis and  financial reporting.  With a flexible design, ARCBase is available for use with a wide variety of 3rd party projection and valuation platforms as well as a variety of business intelligence applications.

Online Monitoring
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