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Actuarial IT Consulting


ARC now offers consulting in the IT arena.  We can help you get the most information out of your data, or just get it into a format needed by another system.

ARC has the expertise to help you in the following areas...

Reporting and Dashboards


ARC can help you make the most of your data and display it in an easy to use format for all of the different users in your organization.  Give top level management the real time information they need and others all of the details to back it up.


Business Intelligence (BI)


Business Intelligence consists of several activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting.  ARC can help with mining and understanding raw data and then reporting on the results.  This allows decision makers to be better informed.

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Extract Transform Load (ETL)


With all of the data contained in your organization, it is often necessary to get it into different formats for the various systems being used.  ARC experts can help with the design and implementation of all your data transformation needs.


Managing SQL Server


ARC SQL Server Experts can help in all aspects of SQL Server Database Administration from installation to setting up backup and maintenance plans and everything in between.




ARC experts can provide training it many IT areas.  These include but are not limited to C# programming, Database programing, Database Administration, Reporting, and BI work.

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