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Model Compression Software



ARC now offers a utility to compress model points from seriatim populations with a compression ratio and accuracy far superior to traditional methods

  • Compression of 90% to 99% with minimal accuracy loss

  • All types of insurance business popluations as well as assets and scenarios can be compressed

  • Speeds up the model and significantly reduces memory requirements significantly allowing advanced analysis

  • Can be incorporated into production modeling processes

How it Works

  • You need:

    • A working actuarial model (any platform) that can produce results at a model point level

    • Seriatim population in model point or text format

    • A set of economic scenarios

  • Accutility uses a combination of clustering techniques to cluster model points together and reduce the number of model points while retaining accuracy

  • The model is run seriatim using 3‐5 key economic scenarios to create key financial information by model point which is then used to map model points together

Next Steps

For more information, contact:

John Hegstrom






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