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Are you ready for:  VM-20 or VM-50?

ARC is ready to assist you in all the tasks required to implement the valuation requirements of VM-20 and related aspects of the valuation manual.  From pricing to valuation to reporting, our staff and systems are designed to provide you with the expertise and tools to ease implementation of principle-based reserves for life products.

Status of VM-20


VM-20 is the valuation standard for life insurance issued on or after January 1, 2017 for the 47 states that have passed the new standard valuation law.  As part of the implementation, there is a voluntary three-year transition period that ends December 31, 2019.

TL-Flyer and ULtraVal


ARCVAL has been enhanced in our new CASE platform to support a number of the required elements of VM-20.  This support includes:


  • Net Premium Reserve

  • Model segment classification and reporting

  • Deterministic Exclusion Test

  • Allocation of Stochastic and Deterministic Reserve to individual contracts

  • Audit Reports

Next Steps

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Experience Anaylzer


  • Robust SQL Server platform, integrated with ARCVAL, for collecting and managing company experience.

  • Analyze and report on the various segments of your business.

  • Supports the development and setting of assumptions on a prudent estimate basis.

  • Produces reporting extracts to comply with reporting requirements of VM-50.

Deterministic and Stochastic Reserves


Information from the CASE database can be used to create input to other projection systems that may be utilized to quantify the deterministic and stochastic reserves.  The results from your projection system can then be easily entered or imported back into ARCVAL to finalize the reserve and complete the reporting process.

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