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Consolidated Actuarial Systems Environment (CASE) is a comprehensive, integrated system for valuation, financial reporting, financial forecasting, experience analysis and earnings analysis of universal life, traditional life, annuity, health and structured settlement business.

CASE is the platform for the next generation of the ARCVAL system


It includes a variety of architectural differences, functional enhancements, and usability enhancements

With CASE you can accomplish the following with ease:


  • Input plan features and valuation assumptions quickly using the integrated interface

  • Map multiple administrative system plan codes into one product; thereby simplifying ongoing management of valuations and financial forecasts

  • Use multiple assumption sets to quickly and easily calculate reserves or forecast earnings using various sets of assumptions

  • Generate customized reports from hundreds of output fields. Reports may be printed, saved to formatted or unformatted files, or written to spread-sheets

  • Generate HTML based audit reports showing detailed calculation data and underlying assumptions

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How does CASE compare to ARCVAL?


  • CASE is the platform for the next generation of the ARCVAL system that includes a variety of architectural differences, functional enhancements, and usability enhancements. Along with a completely new, standardized user interface, CASE simplifies and streamlines how information is managed.

  • CASE implements Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine

  • Replaces the Plan File Database (PFD) with a more flexible model based on domains and product segments

  • Revises the user interface based on the latest Microsoft Windows design standards

  • CASE implements domains, which are workspaces that contain product segment and Table Manager data; domains enable the organization to more efficiently manage development, test, and production environments

  • In addition to domains, CASE introduces product segments, which are subdivisions of domains that store product features and assumptions; one advantage of product segments is that they can share Table Manager data within the domain

Additional Features:


  • The user security model has been expanded and redesigned. Users are now assigned to roles that determine the individual rights

  • The Table Manager feature vastly improves the ability to manage data in tables, as well as share that data between product segments in a domain

  • The Data Management feature consolidates common information in a single, easy-to-find location

  • To help navigate through a series of related pages, CASE displays a breadcrumb list that indicates the path to the currently displayed page

  • Plan setup information is consolidated in a single location and displayed to users in a step-by-step format

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