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ARCBase provides insurers with the tools and methodology to better manage and continuously improve the quality of their data

Company data is comprised of a wealth of information from a variety of source systems, all supporting their own internal coding standards, data formats and nuanced handling of unique policy events.  Turning these rich sources of data into a form that provides actionable analytics is a daunting task.  For this reason, ARC developed a solution designed to provide insurers with a systematic process for managing and improving the quality and reliability of their data.

ARCBase is an enterprise quality, high capacity SQL Server database designed to store and manage millions of historical policy records each month.  It is a data mart squarely in the actuarial domain, capable of integrating with larger enterprise data warehouses or operating as a standalone data resource for the actuaries.  Customers utilize ARCBase to create an actuarial information hub providing high integrity information to the various actuarial functions.

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Actuarial processes driven by ARCBase include:

  • Mortality and Lapse Studies
  • Partial Withdrawal Studies

  • Premium Persistency Studies

  • Actual to expected analysis

  • Fund Value Roll-Forwards

  • Insurance data calls

    • VM 51

    • NY Department of Insurance

  • US GAAP LDTI actual policy transactions

  • Assumption validation and unlocking

  • Policy Exhibit

  • Custom insurance data reporting

  • US GAAP LDTI disclosure reporting

  • Staging data to provide R and Python with “tidy” data feeds

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ARCBase has more than two decades of experience managing even the most unruly insurance data.  A customizable and expandable schema allows unlimited additions of policyholder characteristics and auxiliary measures.  ARCBase inputs are system agnostic, utilize an easy-to-use flexible tab delimited format, and are stored and indexed efficiently for audit and control.


Enterprise quality actuarial data mart designed for high capacity data management, reconciliation and validation.


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