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ARC Actuarial Consulting

The secret to our success lies with our strong client relationships.  For over 30 years, Actuarial Resources Corporation has provided an excellent level of support and personalized service to our customers.  The ARC staff provides unparalleled access to expert resources that will help solve even the most complicated issues facing your organization.

Areas of Expertise



Our system experts can jump start your use of ARCVAL by converting your existing valuation process.  This includes the entering of plan data, coding valuations, entering tables, extract testing, comparative analysis of initial results, and training new users on the system.

Prophet Modeling


Are you getting the most out of your Prophet System?  ARC has the experts to help with various tasks such as implementation, ALM, modeling projects, model governance and much more.

AXIS Modeling


Our trained actuaries can also help with all your GGY's AXIS actuarial platforms.  Our services include: model validation / review, VM-20 Implementation, ALM, Pricing, and many more tasks.

Financial Reporting


ARC actuaries serve client companies in the role of Appointed Actuary and assist with a variety of financial reporting, planning, and budgeting-related issues.  We can provide assistance with the completion of all required regulatory reports.

Product Development and Pricing


Our specialists can help with product design, product pricing, product management/repricing, and dividend scales of individual life and annuity, individual health, group life and health, credit life/health products, and variable products.

PBA Readiness and Review


ARC has deep understanding of the various Principle-Based Approaches for Life and Annuity products and can assist companies with developing a plan to comply with new requirements or provide peer review to help develop the reports needed to support your PBA work.

Financial Examinations and Audit Support


ARC performs actuarial examinations for insurance departments to assist them with their risk-focused financial examinations.  Examinations are conducted in accordance with the NAIC Financial Condition Examiners Handbook and with a thorough understanding of the NAIC accreditation standards.  ARC also has a team of actuarial experts to assist independent auditors with their audit projects.  We are knowledgeable in all types of life, annuity, and health products and will verify that the reserves and other actuarial items meet the applicable reporting requirements.

Experience Studies / Assumption Development


With the introduction of Principle-Based Approaches, the need for more robust, timely, and accurate experience analysis for assumption development purposes is being heightened.  ARC has developed effective, proven tools, and significant expertise in this area.  Let us assist you in maximizing the value of your experience data.

General Actuarial Services


ARC has been providing consulting for over 30 years and have been called upon for a number of services including specific areas mentioned above.  Additional services include, but are not limited to: reinsurance analysis, federal income tax issues, expert witness testimony, mergers and acquisitions, health care, and many more.

Actuarial IT Consulting


Our Actuarial IT Experts can help in all areas of Reporting and Dashboards, BI (Business Intelligence), ETL (Extract Transform Load), Managing SQL Server, and training.  ARC can provide a complete solution, or act as a consultant to help your IT group, or provide just any part of the solution you need.  ARC experts are well versed in Microsoft products and their uses in the Insurance industry.

DNA Strand

Health Insurance Consulting Services


ARC provides services for Affordable Care Act Risk Adjustment, Medical Loss Ratio development and MLR premium rebate estimation.  We've worked closely to support auditors and state examiners in the business review of Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid as well as Medicare Supplement, dental, vision, disability, accident and illness/disease programs.  We have assisted self-funded plan sponsors with analysis of healthcare trends, impact of benefit design changes, employer contribution strategies and future cost projections.

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