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Implementation & Development

Whether you are performing an initial AXIS implementation, adding new products, or developing your AXIS processes, our experienced actuarial resources are ready to help. A key to getting the most from AXIS is in the development of the processes to prepare the model for each valuation date and the staging of results data to perform analysis. Regardless of the level of assistance you need, our team of model architects can help at each step along the way and rapidly deliver high-value solutions.

Staff Augmentation

Use ARC in a staff augmentation role to reduce the strain on your resources and reach your milestones faster. Whether you have routine tasks such as the entering of plan data, coding product features, establishing assumptions, or have more complex needs like a full end-to-end solution or comparative analysis of projection results, leveraging ARC and our highly trained and experienced actuarial resources is your best option!

Next Steps

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Modeling Projects

ARC’s experts have been involved in a number of project specific applications.  We can assist clients in meeting their modeling needs, no matter what the purpose is.


We know valuation!  ARC has been providing reserve calculations for over 25 years and our actuarial experts are available to assist you in performing the projection and valuation tasks required for your business.  We have assisted clients with calculations for statutory reserves, cash flow testing, US GAAP (e.g. DAC and SOP 03-1 Reserves), required capital (domestic and international) and in evaluating the impact of proposed regulations.

Process Review

Keep your hands to yourself and make your auditors smile!


ARC can help you automate the entire end-to-end process from administration system to ledger.  Our expert resources are available to assist you in reviewing your current processes and provide recommendations to improve your processes on the front and back end of your models. This will minimize or eliminate the need for individual involvement in the construction of data and assumptions for your projection needs and allow your actuarial staff to focus on providing valuable management decision making analytics.


ARC can help you make the most out of your projection results.  From model design to data analysis, we can help you extract the data you desire, efficiently manage that data and produce the various reports, analytics and management summaries to assist you in your projection requirements.

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