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ARCVAL System Consulting




Do you have a block of business or a new product Portfolio that needs to be set-up on ARCVAL for statutory, tax or GAAP reporting? ARC’s staff has implemented hundreds of products and blocks of business and have the experience and expertise to get you up and running on a timely cost effective basis. We can provide assistance in all steps of the process from coding and validating sample plans that can serve as templates for your staff to use in coding other plans to implementing entire blocks of business that have hundreds of different products. This includes extracting and converting product specifications and other data from administrative system or valuation system files. We can also create an initial ARCVAL valuation extract that can be used to validate the ARCVAL results with those from your current valuation system at the coverage level.

Next Steps

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For GAAP FAS 97 implementations we can:

  • Convert your historical data into the format used by ARCVAL;

  • Code and validate the assumptions used to project estimated gross profits and assessments;

  • Run parallel GAAP valuations and validate and reconcile the ARCVAL results with those produced by your current valuation.

  • Work with your staff to develop the process and methodology used to perform your on-going GAAP valuations, including the updating of historical data and developing reports that can be used to analyze and validate results

I appreciate ARC delivering on the deadline.  That was very important to Athene as you know and your outstanding performance on this project has been widely recognized throughout the organization.


- Brenda J. Cushing

  Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Oficer

  Athene Holding Ltd.

Valuation Process Improvement


ARC’s staff can work with your staff to improve your valuation processes. This can include:


  • Setting up automated procedures to run valuations and produce required reports;

  • Reviewing your ARCVAL coding for possible improvements and standardization

  • Reviewing your GAAP reporting process and reporting requirements to provide suggestions for improving the process and / or the reports and information being produced by the process

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