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ARC Mexico

Helping Insurers in Mexico Manage Risk


Mexico is in the process of implementing a new regulatory system based on Solvency II.  This is motivating companies there to redesign their actuarial models, create better systems to measure and manage risk, and use predictive modeling to update and justify their actuarial assumptions.

With a full-time staff headquartered in our Mexico City office and with the support of ARC’s resources in the United States, ARC is helping Mexican insurers of all sizes to comply with the new regulations.  Our specializations in Mexico include the following:

  • Create Solvency II actuarial models for all lines of business for:

    • Best Estimate of Liabilities (BEL)

    • Risk margin

    • Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)

    • Dynamic solvency

  • Calculate reinsurance retention limits

  • Use predictive modeling to calculate and justify actuarial assumptions

  • Write and sign regulatory technical notes

  • Evaluate risk and sign opinions as an Independent Actuary

  • Implement, optimize, and validate Prophet actuarial models

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