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ARC develops and maintains ARCVAL, a comprehensive financial analysis sytem meeting all your financial reporting needs for Universal Life, Traditional Life, Annuities, and Health. ARCVAL offers remarkably fast calculations and advanced HTML audits. Because our staff participate in industry committees and workgroups, our software is positioned at the leading edge of actuarial science.

Consulting Services

Since 1987, ARC has been providing actuarial consulting, valuation, and financial analysis services to a variety of organizations including life and health insurers, reinsurers, state regulators, investors and lenders, guaranty associations, producers, and attorneys needing expert advice or testimony in insurance and tax matters. ARC is well equiped to provide expert actuarial analysis across product types, in both the Life and Health industries.

Prophet Consulting

ARC is a Preferred Consulting Solutions Provider for SunGard's iWorks Prophet®. Prophet is a powerful actuarial modeling tool used around the world. Its flexible actuarial coding allows companies to tailor the system capabilities to fit their specific requirements. Our experienced team of consultants have helped customers implement Prophet into their internal actuarial process for pricing, financial reporting, asset-liability modeling, embedded value and Solvency II.